Letter of Recommendation:

Alan Spooner has completed 6 Timber Frame projects for my family and business over the past 12 years.  Each frame and project is unique in strength and style.  His style of timber framing is rooted in the history of the craft and is a testament to the pioneer ingenuity that gave the colonial homes and barns of New England their lasting strength and beauty.

Working with native woods largely cut off of our property, Alan left nothing to waste.  Culling trees specially for their role in the frame, he sizes timbers to bring out their beauty, natural style and strength.  The forests of New England are home to some of the choicest hardwoods on the planet and most of the timbers Alan has used in his projects with us are made from the trees cut from the construction site.  

Alan's ingenuity and smarts, and craftsmanship are second to none.  His layout skills are unique and he works with a simplicity that belies brilliance.  We've been lucky to work with such a master.


Jon Schaefer

Berkshire East

Alan Spooner built the timber frame for our straw bale barn in 2004. It is both structurally sound and a masterpiece of fine craftsmanship. My artist studio is in the space, and the beautiful exposed beams are something I appreciate each day. We would hire Alan in a heartbeat if we decide to build a timber frame structure in the future - he is easy to work with, professional and his expertise, unsurpassable. Cindy and Marcus Fisher May 29, 2019